Let’s sing now, not so much to enjoy the rest, but to relieve ourselves from fatigue. We sing like travelers. Sing, but walk.

From The “Speeches” Of St. Augustine, Disc. 256, 1. 2. 3; PL 38, 1191-1193

Dear friends,
even this year we’ll meet for our 8h choral singing festival “Canta&Cammina”.

It will take place in Camino al Tagliamento, Udine, from the 20th to the 23rd of June 2024.
There will be a series of profane and sacred concerts from 9.00 PM of Thursday the 22nd and Saturday the 24th.
Sunday morning, from 10.00 AM, we are going to walk together through our town streets stopping in typical courtyards to sing some melodies.

Canta & Cammina International Choral Festival


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